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Dixon, Joshua who is the man in the mirror


The Scars Inside (black)


I am a Chicago based photographer that studied at Maine College of Art and now is studying at the Art Insitute of Chicago. I am seeing an interdisciplinary BFA degree with a focus in photography and art therapy.  I use self-portraiture, to describe the 2007 pitbull mauling related experiences that still follow me. These experiences have inspired me to tell narratives, while also raising awareness about issues regarding (ableism, medical devices, surgical practices, self-deprecation, racial discrimination, and etc) that are often silenced. While adding the inclusion of those and myself who feel discarded due to our unapologetic flaws.

In my practice, I critique and criticize the world that I’m often displaced in due to my facial impairments. Primarily performing in front of the camera describing and persevering throughout my lived traumatic experiences to keep a remembrance of their impact. Abstracting my skin, altering my spaces, gesturally performing, inflicting violence, etc. Through this method I am cathartically releasing my emotions; to create an empathic space where I and the audience can create conversations regarding our society.  


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