Event Photography

Stunning Event Photography from one of the Best Photographer in Chicago

My name is Joshua Dixon and I’m a photographer based in Chicago. I specialize in event photography and I’m now offering my services to nearby residents. Check out my website for examples of my work and past clients I’ve worked with.

I’m sure you’ll see from my portfolio that I have a unique eye for detail. I love to chronicle the subjects that I find interesting. I believe it’s the small, intimate moments that tell the most interesting story and I like to celebrate those moments in my work. What makes my event photography different from anything else you’ll encounter is that I seek to capture the mood and feeling of a gathering, rather than simply documenting the major moments. I’m happy to take direction and photograph any important occurrences. But what interests me are the more innocuous instances that set the tone of the event; the facial expression of a guest, the passionate stance of a speaker who is enthralled with a topic, or the concentration of a musician attempting to hit each note with accuracy and precision. These are the minor elements that tell the true story of an event.

Book an appointment through my website today if you want to chronicle your next event in a way that is different and unique. I strive to cover each assignment differently, by using new techniques and focusing on different subjects. Although we are creatures of habit, no two events are the same. I like to celebrate life’s eccentricities in my photography by amplifying what is unique, rather than having a homogenous approach to every shoot. Feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email if you have any questions or ideas.