Short Narratives

These are stories about moments that happned in my life that are unforgettable, and they have helped make me who I am.

  • Joshua D

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

I couldn't bare to stare into the eyes of a woman that I forever cared.

Only my heart can bare this final tear, too painful to bare the love two hearts couldn't share. I wear this disgusting external shell that makes people scared

It makes little kids cry while rain falls from the sky.

I pray to God give me life but In return he sacrificed me to hell, to burn and experience tales that only I could share.

To live and die in pain that I would never dare to share but, why should I care.

I've been through this all before heart tearing more and more, burning and crackling more than I could adore.

All I could do is snore in blind darkness, and share my kindness until I break my consciousness.

  • Joshua D

Too warm in here, she said

Too cold in here, warm up, she said

Too much in the air, she said

Ouch too hot turn it off, she said

Why so little or why too much, she said

Don’t ask me why just ask the world, he said

  • Joshua D

Illustrated moments and writings is what I see

I see it as an extension of me

Stories they must see

See what's happening to me

Place us into a world where our souls meet

Place them into shoes that makes their hearts weep as the pain is running deep

They see the power in me

A blossoming flower I must be

Fragments in my sight I can't deny

My art and writing are going to make them think

Think about the fragments my life seeks

That's why it’s all important to me

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