Nature Photography

My name is Joshua Dixon and I’m a multi-disciplinary photographer who is now offering his services to Chicago residents. I do everything from live event coverage to nature photography and I’ll stop at nothing to deliver amazing work that exceeds expectations.

I’ve lived a life full of beauty and pain. My photographs depict the juxtaposition between these two facets of the human experience. I’m sure that once you see my work, you’ll be impressed by my perspective. I attack every photograph from a different angle or point of view and seek to point out the wonderful eccentricities of nature and the broader world.

Whether you’re looking for custom photographs or photo prints, I have something for you. I specialize in nature photography and I love to capture the serenity of the natural world. You can learn so much about the universe by paying attention to the things most people neglect. I find beauty in the discarded, the undesirable, and the abandoned aspects of the world.

Check out my photo prints if you’re looking for something new and interesting to add to your collection or hang on your walls. I promise you won’t find anything like my photographs anywhere else. My work is influenced by my unique experiences in life and I’ve been classically trained at the Maine College of Art and Art Institute of Chicago. I know exactly how to create a striking image that will stay with you for a long time. Check out my website for examples of my work and feel free to reach out with any requests. I’m happy to take on new projects and take ideas from loyal customers.