• Joshua D


I can’t sleep when dreams scream

I can’t cry thanks to my father lies

I can’t see the man they see in me

I lie and try to hide but why

Why should I hide what’s inside

I hide because this worlds knows it’s too much for me

I hide my emotions

I hide my pain

I hide my sorrow

But why should I hide

I hide my personality

I hide my presence

I hide my expressions

I hide my opinions

But why should continue hiding

I hide my esteem

I hide my anxiety

I hide my work

I hide my love

I hide my medical

Why do I even try

If I hide all of this what do you all see

You see the scars inside

Feel the blood my eyes shed

But you look scared and startled by my appearance

They see me for what I show

They see me as a monster that needs to be slaughtered

I learned to stop hiding and show what’s inside

Show others the strength I store

I continue to show that I’m not the enemy

I’m just a friend that want to help everyone including myself

Some see a lot more in me, somethings I wish everyone could see or why even bother

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