• Joshua D

Howling Ark

Why does my heart continues to bark

Biting the burning ark

The ark that’s now cold and dark

Lurking for the one to start the part

The part that warms the ark

Why does it bark if the sound starts to whimper

A constant sound that makes me quiver

A broken toy with energy to continue the beat

The beat that eat the power from the say she speaks

Getting louder and louder as the sun glistens on her smile

Motivating the thought of warmth

But then I take the nitrogen for a shot until my mind drunk

Forced to drink it to freeze the ark to stop the painful barking ark

I cry when the bark start because I know it’s gonna crack

When she make me drink the liquid that makes me quiver as the ark and my life starts

Why does it sting when I feel the beat from bleeding stitches that never seal

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