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My Experience

When I was 16, I decided that I wanted to make a series of artworks that speak about issues or experiences I have encountered throughout my life. I use each picture to tell a story about certain memories that impact me deeply. They act as external conscious where I and the viewer; can coexist in the same vulnerable world and create a prosperous conversation about it. Over time I realized that these pieces are therapeutic for me, seeing that it allows me to heal and learn from these experiences. Their presence in the world gives me the strength to keep persevering beyond my limits. I plan to continue adding pieces to this series for the rest of my life, hopefully surpassing 150 pieces someday.


I hope that when you're traveling through these experiences with me that you find something you've been looking for spiritual, mental, physical, etc. Though this is a reflection of myself, these can also be seen as a reflection of the viewer.


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