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I am a Chicago-based photographer that studied at Maine College of Art and studied at the School of the Art Insitute of Chicago; where I received a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art Arts. I use self-portraiture to describe the 2007 pitbull mauling-related experiences that still follow me. These experiences have inspired me to tell narratives while also raising awareness about issues regarding (mental health, ableism, medical devices, surgical practices, self-deprecation, racial discrimination, etc.) that are often silenced. Simultaneously, adding the inclusion of those and myself who feel discarded due to our unapologetic flaws.

In my practice, I critique and criticize the world that I’m often displaced in due to my facial impairments. Primarily performing in front of the camera describing and persevering throughout my lived traumatic experiences to remember their impact. Abstracting my skin, altering my spaces, gesturally performing, inflicting violence, etc. Through this method, I am cathartically releasing my emotions; to create an empathic space where I and the audience can develop conversations regarding our society. 



  • 2013-17 Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy - Chicago, IL

    • High School Diploma

  • 2016- 17 Advanced Arts Program Gallery 37 - Chicago, IL

    • Year-long classes in animation and graphic design

  • 2017-19  Maine College of Art - Portland, ME

    • Bachelor of Fine Arts In Photography​

  • 2019- 21 School of the Art Insititute of Chicago - Chicago, IL

    • Bachelor of Fine Arts In Interdisciplinary Arts with a concentration in Photography​


  • 2016 Third Place Visual Art Finalist | Walgreens Expression Challenge

  • 2016 All-City Visual Arts Awards Recipient | School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • 2017 Best Work By A First Year | Maine College of Art's 2017 BFA show

  • 2018 Emerging Young Artist Program Award Certificate | VSA, The International Organization on Arts and Disability 

  • 2018 The first scholarship award recipient | Face the Future Foundation's Adrienne L. Green Scholarship

  • 2018 Recognition for Excellence (which granted permission to enter the BFA Photography program a semester early) | Maine College of Art

  • 2019 Chicago Scholars Scholarship award recipient | School of the Art Insititute of Chicago


  Solo Exhibitions


  • Award Ceremony | Face the Future Foundation's Annual GALA - Chicago, IL


  • International People of Color Featured Artist | Maine College of Art - Portland, ME

​  Group Exhibition​s


  • Advanced Arts Program Gallery 37 Winter Exhibition | Advanced Arts Program Gallery 37 - Chicago, IL


  • Advanced Arts Program Gallery 37 Spring Exhibition | Advanced Arts Program Gallery 37 - Chicago, IL

  • All-City Visual Arts Senior Portfolio Exhibition | School of the Art Insititute of Chicago's SITE Gallery

  • BFA Show | Maine College of Art - Portland, ME


  • Detour | The Kennedy Center - (year-long traveling show) Washington, DC; Denver, CO; Brooklyn, NY; Boston, MA; Green, KY;

  • BFA Show | Maine College of Art - Portland, ME


  • Sequencing in Photography Fall semester mid-term exhibition​​


  • SAIC Fall 2020 BFA Exhibition | The School of the Art Insitute of Chicago - Chicago, IL 


  • 2016 Apprentice | After School Matters Raspberry Pi, Chicago, IL                   

  • 2015-16 Graphic Designer | After School Matters Program True Star - Chicago, IL 

  • 2019  Student Photographer | Art Doc - Portland, ME



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