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     Realizing that my abundance of sleeping vision is something that redefines the world I live in. Going to sleep to reflect on what I've seen and how it's interactions effects me. Subconsciously being able to be placed in worlds where I'm left alone, to think in slumber increasing the capacity to a mind that must wander. Not realizing what lies next, wondering why hasn't it ended. Horrendous dreams over and over with messages, I haven't got over.
He feels trapped afraid and caved. Every night he feels the waves of endless memories yet to be forgotten. Traveling through dark times finding answers to the future. Eventually waking up realizing that nothing is forgotten. Then using photography to acknowledge the existence. "I'm still working on the statement for this collection as it is just part one of 30 photographs. I hope by 2025 I'll be more concise with my thoughts and my perception"


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