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Struggling With Asphyxiation

     These breathing devices have had a large impact on the development of my life. They are extensions of myself as they were once and in some cases are still connected to me. They have altered my perception, enhance my breathing and was my life support. Using a tracheostomy ventilator for 3 years, and permanently having the scar of its presence on my neck from where it was once placed. That hole that was placed 12 years ago, still affects daily life as it alters my voice.
     Only one of these devices is currently being used to sustain the support of my nasal airways. It’s crucial that I wear these two nasal trumpets ( Size 24 PVC Nasopharygneal Airways) at night to prevent possible asphyxiating in my sleep, due to the inability to breathe through my nose while my mouth is closed. Though some of these devices aren’t currently being used, they act as a reminder of the life support they once provided. Using these devices to show there references to time and presence of human implicated use. They have invaded, enhanced and hindered the body to help sustain my life.


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